Jump For Joy Photo Project

When my friend and photographer Eyoälha Baker asked me to participate in her Jump For Joy Photo Project, I had no idea what to expect. Her concept is simple: capturing the beauty of the human spirit — in mid-air — around the world. She instructed me to bring something with me that gives me joy – which is my trusty little pup Chewbacca, of course – and pick my favourite spot which is Kits Beach. We met on a beautiful, blue sky afternoon and had way too much fun trying to catch both me and Chewy jumping for joy in unison and the results are indeed joyful!
Eyoälha has travelled all over the world with her camera in hand, bringing people joy with this wonderful project. If you want to find out more info or check out some of the fantastic photos, be sure to visit her website at https://jumpforjoyphotoproject.wordpress.com/
Joyfully yours,

Genesis on the Sea-To-Sky

Whistler has always had a special place in my heart and I had a fantastic girlie getaway weekend with Genesis Motors. Negotiating the winding curves of the Sea-To-Sky highway was a breeze in Genesis’ G80. This luxury whip not only has fantastic handling and all the bells and whistles, it’s full of power with the 5.0 V8 engine! The G80 has impeccable performance, tons of room and is luxury by design. I’d highly recommend taking one for a for a whirl to see if it’s the ride for you!
To find out more, visit my friends at Genesis Vancouver: http://www.genesisvancouver.com
Happy driving!